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Ever since I was a young child, I loved watching horror movies, sci-fi, paranormal and mysteries. I also must admit I was always a sucker for the happily ever afters but never dared tell anyone! I was never a big reader, but when I was introduced to the audio book world I became unstoppable!

I have become a Paranormal Romance junkie after receiving my first audio books of the Twilight Saga for my birthday in 2010. Having listened to over 100 audio books since and read almost another hundred, I've come to be obsessed with the genre and wanted to crawl out of my shell and venture out into the big world with writing more in depth reviews, attending events, and blogging. After attending Authors After Dark in Charlotte, August 2014, I started this blog.

So let me introduce myself, Hi I am Kim full time wife, mother, housekeeper, cook, teacher, part-time day job employee, and 24/7 Blogger. Blogging is my passion, my life, my joy and I do it all for the love of a good Happily Ever After...

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Tammy Jacob made her review debut in February 2016 with PY.  Since then she has been an integral part of my review blog, and I don't know what I would do without her!  Now for her intro...

Tammy Jacob has worked in the medical field for over 20 years. She currently works for a Florida Hospice providing support to the nursing supervisors. She graduated from Florida State College @ Jacksonville in 2009. Tammy has 5 wonderful children ranging is ages from 24 to 12 years old. She has been with the same wonderful man for 20years. Her love of reading and exploring new worlds has lead her into the path of reviewing books. Happy reading!!

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