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Book Review On Saint Dragoness, (A Sin of Saints Vol.1) by Rain Murphy

**Book provided by the author for an honest review**

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Saint Dragoness was born to a poor peasant family. She was never a true Saint, she was too self-serving. She was intelligent beyond the year she was born 227 AD, and her experiments were scary to her family and the village people.

Goddess Jennica gave Saint Dragoness’s creations a new and better way of life. Tazzy one of Saint Dragoness’s original Dragons mourned for his Saint Dragoness. He even contemplated death as a way out of his mourning, until the day he met his Keeper.

Scout couldn’t have been more wrong about her average life. She soon learned that she was to be a Dragon Keeper, and all that that meant. Scout was born to be special, she just didn’t know it yet.

This is the story of how the dragons on Decision Island were created, and their maker. Their creation and almost demise of both dragon and maker were brought about by fear and love. Love prevails, but the fear twisted and morphed the creatures into a more peaceful version of their original selves.

At a very young age Eerie knew she was different. With the magic she possessed naturally, she can produce growth from seeds, and later on as she was Her parents were scared, and discouraged her strange behavior, telling her what she could do wasn't normal and the town folk wouldn't approve. So she hid her talent until one day she was discovered. Instead of protecting their child, her parents sold her to a brothel. When Eerie finally discovered she was able to push her abilities and create life, the dragons came to fruition...Present day the dragons have lived on without their maker for centuries. Taken in by Goddess Jennica and brought to Decision Island, where they lived a more peaceful life, but with one catch. Their is always a BUT.

The entire story was a very sad tale from beginning to end. The horrible acts that Eerie and Scout had to endure were cruel. The dragons were born into this particular kind of life style, and therefore knew no better, but that still doesn't make it OK. The bigotry and fear of the unknown is what caused this entire mess, and if people would only stop for one second to try and understand, or even just empathize than the witch hunt would have never happen. One would think that after centuries of repeating the same mistakes that we would learn. I LOVED this book! It was pretty short, but packed a punch! The story and her characters were very thought provoking, and even mesmerizing. The timing of this book couldn't have been more right. 

Saint Dragoness

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 Creature Notte Star has always fought for the betterment of her kind. She has suffered the loss of loved ones at the hands of humans. She understands that most of the species in her world are a result of Adam’s experiments to recreate his own DNA. None of this matters when she discovers she is being sent to Deciding Island for judgment. Stories of her kind becoming Island Ash have haunted her since childhood. There are no memorials for those that don’t come back from DI...

Creature is this kick ass heroine vampire that works as a combatant, aka police, protector, (or whatever you want to call it), and keeps order amongst her species here on earth. `When her Uncle Ross, whom is also her boss, sends her out on a no kill mission to rescue a group of kidnappees, shit goes wrong, and she finds herself on Decision Island. Decision Island is where the non-humans go when they break the rules, and not all of them return...

Creature Notte Starr lost her parents as a young child and was raised by her Uncle Ross and along with her cousin Thomas. She knows pain and grief all to well, especially after losing her husband in the last war. For Cre to be able to cope with such a loss, she has been working undercover and taking out the “bad guys” as a vigilante. Her Uncle warned her that if she didn't quit their was the strong possibility she would be sent to DI. Trying her best wasn't good enough and she landed herself on the island. Terrified that she would never see her family again, Cre just wanted to hurry up and “learn her lesson” from the island. The one thing Cre did not factor in was that her lesson involved Mica, her soul mate.

The lesson behind the story kids is forgiveness, just as the book title suggests. You can run, but you can never hide from your pain. Cre had a ton of pain that she buried deep down, and while on the island had to face that pain and deal with it. Along her journey were some interesting characters, in particular a little potty named Blue. The interactions Cre experienced with others while there was what made this story so intriguing. I caught myself saying out loud, "awe", and "oh no" a lot! It was such a heart felt book to read that I don't think I have encountered such a story written quiet this way. The book appealed to my love of the paranormal, fantasy, and romance. Creature and Mica's story is definitely one I will never forget!


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Title: The Misguided Confession
Genre: British Paranormal Romance
Release Date: November 12, 2016
Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing
Designer: Claire Smith

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Elaine Gibbs has been defined by other people’s words for much of her life: autistic, shifter, adopted, genius, Royal Marine. She has spent a year having her entire world spun around and just when she hopes things have stabilized, a zealot threatens everything she holds dear, including her life.

Alim Kader grew up knowing his family’s expectations and is required to fall in line. Life, however, threw him a massive surprise in the body of the most fascinating woman he has ever known. Now if he could only convince her that his sole desire is to stand beside her, not rescue her.

Will love be enough for two people from different worlds to brave a storm of evil and come through the other side unscathed?


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Dahlia Donovan started out working in the insurance world. After ten years, she morphed her love of investigating accidents and studying people into writing about them. She's a bit of a hermit and despises being in front of a camera. Her life wouldn't be complete without her husband and her massive collection of books and video games.


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**Book provided by the author for an honest review**

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After suffering a century of torture and humiliation, Jace still bears the scars that have left his heart closed to love and acceptance. He escapes the prison walls only to realize he's mystically bound to his tormentor. Believing he doesn’t deserve a Fated Mate, he keeps his distance from females. Renowned for being a level-headed warrior, his control is pushed to the limit when he meets the Vampire Queen’s sister. Not only is his patience tested by Cailyn, but his skills as a sorcerer are challenged when he fights to save her mortal soul.


Trim and Julka do it again!

Book 2 of the Dark Warrior series doesn't disappoint. So often the second book in a series doesn't measure up to the first book. In the Dark Warrior series, this is not the case. In my opinion, Mystik Warrior may even out shine Book 1, Dream Warrior.  The characters of Jace and Cailyn are believable and genuine.  Jace is a sorcerer and a doctor, with a horrible past and his vulnerability makes him very appealing.  Jace as been through a lot and it has taken a very long time for him to let his past go and move forward. Cailyn has issues regarding letting go of her fiance' and accepting that she is a fated mate.  Jace also has some acceptance issues with that as well, but, they finally get past it and make it there. And we all make a audible sigh of relief.
 Just like in Book 1, Dream Warrior, this story has lots of battles between the warriors and the demons and budding romances between supporting characters. All of which we can't wait to see the developments of.  Mystik Warrior is fast-paced and never waning for great fight scenes and hot, hot, hot sex scenes. Trim and Julka remain in my top ten "love to read" authors. They are quickly moving up the ranks to rival great paranormal authors like JR Ward, Laurell K. Hamilton and Lara Adrian. 
For readers of the paranormal/romance books, Trim and Julka's Dark Warrior Alliance is a series you definitely must put on your reading lists. I am always enthralled and entertained by the Dark Warrior Alliance books and can't wait to read the next book in the series, Deviant Warrior. Happy reading!

Mystik Warrior (Dark Warrior Alliance, #2)

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By +Molly Harper  and Narrated By Amanda Ronconi

A Contemporary Romance Novel

Rated it

Sadie Hutchins loves her job at the Kentucky Tourism Commission. Not only could her co-workers double as the cast of Parks & Recreation, but she loves finding the unusual sites, hidden gems, and just-plain-odd tourist attractions of her home state. She’s a shoo-in for the director’s job when her boss retires at the end of the year…until hotshot Josh Vaughn shows up to challenge her for the position. 

A contemporary romance with that signature Harper comedy was a sure fire hit that did not disappoint! If you were ever hesitant to go from paranormal to contemporary romance when it comes to Molly Harper, don't be! Harper's talent transfers brilliantly over from one genre to the next.

Sadie works for the Kentucky Tourism Commission creating tourism ads for the state. When her boss gets ready to name her his successor, Josh Vaughn swoops in and is announced her new boss, WTF?! Having no idea that his boss hired an outsider, the current commissioner pits Sadie and Josh against one another in a race to win his job. Along their journey of humiliating but funny pranks, (mainly on Josh) they fall in like with each other, lol. This fictional, but based on reality, (unlike vampires and were's) love story was both a light and refreshing change of pace from Harpers other works. Her style is unique enough to put me in my comfort zone, but not so much that I feel like reading her stuff is getting stale. Each character has their own corky personality which enhanced Sadie's likability, and had me rooting for her to kick Josh's ass! I also loved how Sadie's personal likes were shown in her work, much like someone close I know ;)

So lets recap:
  • You see a Molly Harper book, you one click that shit!
  • This is a contemporary romance NOT paranormal.
  • Sex is involved and described.
  • Funny but mentally damaging pranks do happen. (No long-term damage!)
  • Sudden outbursts of laughter and screaming “what a douch” out loud will occur.

Narrator Review
Amanda Ronconi narrates for this awesome audiobook. Ronconi has been known in the paranormal genre world, and yes I have reviewed her work before. She also narrates for Harper's previous books and does a bang up job! Amanda is one of those gems of a narrator that can do no wrong. I love her tone of voice, how she depicts each characters personality, and adds that just so perfect timing on her snarkiness. So if you ever catch yourself browsing audiobooks, and see Ronconi is the narrator, no matter what the book, BUY IT!

A list of Molly Harper's PNR books I refer to:

(All links will take you to Harper's website, where each book is listed with buy links & blurbs.)

My Bluegrass Baby (Bluegrass, #1)

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By +Sarah Noffke  and Narrated by +Tim Campbell 

Rated it


Ren Lewis has seen it all, or so he likes to think. He’s encountered every danger known to man. Due to his powers as a Dream Traveler and unstoppable work ethic, he’s experienced more than any human alive. But Ren is about to have a brand new experience. 
He’s being dragged on a family vacation.

I began this novella super excited to hear all about my favorite little family, when slowly but surely things went from good to ugly over just a few short chapters. As I dove deeper and deeper into the story I knew, this isn't right! I don't listen to books like this! This isn't happening, this isn't happening! WHY I screamed!

Dahlia, the superstar pop diva has dragged Ren and his daughter Adalaide with her baby Lucian on their first family vacation. Great! This should be a belly full of laughs I say to myself. Not entirely wrong, but the story does take a very serious note in the middle until the end. In the beginning of the vacation, they run out of gas and end up at a lonely gas station in the middle of nowhere. While Ren is trying to figure out how to get the attendant to pump the gas for him, without him indulging the fact that he doesn't know how, he is approached by an odd old woman. She warns him that he will encounter three wise women along his travels. These women give Ren cryptic messages about life, his past, present, and future. And with Ren's super paranoid personality to boot, the encounters with him and these women is fucking hilarious!

I love this odd little family Noffke has created. They are the total opposite of my family, and what I secretly always wished for in parents as a child. Because of my love for this series, the turn this book takes really fucked with me. I guess cause I forgot about the differences between Dahlia and Ren, and was so wrapped up in the latest arrival, Adalaide's baby distracting me from who these books are really about, Ren.

Narrator Review
Tim Campbell reprises his role once more for us as Ren Lewis. Ah Tim, how do I love thee, let me count the ways...1) Brilliant accent! 2) Comedic timing. 3) Zero filter, and telling people what you really think! 4) Vocabulary, and proper usage just at the right time, (see comedic timing!). 5) The fact that I can not tell the difference between you and Ren! Acting skills, like a boss! I could go on, but then I wouldn't have anything new and cool to say about you in the next review ;)

Ren: The Monster's Adventure

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**Book provided by the author for an honest review**

Rated it

Dragon shifter Connor O’Rourke loves his life as a firefighter, but one thing remains missing. His mate. She left him high and dry with only a note and the memory of her kiss. When several mysterious arsons are committed in Dallas, the shifter is called in to investigate and discovers Jenna working at the local firehouse.

Connor is a dragon shifter that works as a fire fighter in Minnesota. He's been distracting himself with work ever since his betrothed, Jenna, left him a year ago. Connor is in constant turmoil over his feelings for Jenna and the Council's rules for his people. With an arsonist loose and, Jenna falling for another man, and a certain dragon male condition that is rearing it's ugly head, how can Connor possibly prevail?

In this romantic suspense thriller, Connor O'Rourke has been devastated ever since the love of his life left him with no explanation. This is how the story begins. So right off the bat, I hate this Jenna chick. Connor is depicted as a very caring, all around nice guy, so why would she leave him? This baffles me...until we meet Jenna. As Jenna's story unfolds, understanding dawns, but any sympathy for her fails me. Jenna works as an EMT for a Dallas Fire Station, and her fellow co-worker Derrick has it bad for her. Derrick has no idea about her past, other than she is a half-ling, which is half-human, half-dragon. Just as Jenna is opening up to the idea of dating him, Connor is sent to Dallas and runs into her. This love triangle is put to a quick halt as the arsonist targets too close to home for the dragons, and stopping him is of utmost importance! My heart is sent racing as the action intensifies! Will they find the killer before it's too late?!

This novella opens a new world from Author ValerieTwombly that definitely peaks my interest. I love the fact that in this world, humans are aware of the shifters, so they are not hiding in a secret society. They can also mate with humans, and they have magic! There were some familiar aspects to the story that I have encountered when it comes to this genre, where no detailed explanations were necessary, and gave me a sense of comfort. I do enjoy the kind hearted alpha males like Twombly has depicted Connor to be as opposed to the I am man, obey me now woman, alpha males. Therefore, this gave Connor very likeable and lick-able attributes. Since this was a short story and intro into this world, I do look forward to reading a full novel with a more detailed, and layered story line in the near future.

Dallas Fire & Rescue: His Burning Desire (Kindle Worlds Novella) (Sparks Of Desire Book 1)

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