Kim's 5 Fang Rating System

Kim's 5 Fang Rating System

The concept for my rating system is based on the "star" rating system that already exists, but with my own twist.  My system is based on 1 Fang, being the worst, to 5 Fangs, being the best.  This is how I will be rating the books I review on my blog.  I hope you enjoy.

5 Fangs:  It was fangtastic!

4 Fangs:  It really sucked me in

3 Fangs:  It needed a little more life force to sustain me

2 Fangs:  Not a bad story.  What, this ol' fang?

1 Fang:  Am I sure it sucked?  O Positive!

!Warning! This blog mainly reviews adult fiction, unless otherwise noted.

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