Thursday, January 25, 2018


Patrol Log:  10201252018

By +Sarah Noffke & Narrated by Elizabeth Klett

**Audiobook provided by the author for an honest review**

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A string of murders involving women are making the residents of Los Angeles panic. They're calling the serial killer the "rabid wolf" because he tears his prey open by the throat and leaves behind a maimed body.

Meanwhile, at the Lucidite Institute, the pack is training, under Zephyr's instruction. He knows that soon they'll have to go after the rabid wolf and also rescue other members of the pack. However, they need to work together in order to be successful. They need to operate as one...

The Lucidites are still hard at work tracking to shut down Mika, the big bad scientist that is altering humans for his own world domination quest. After stealing the Lucidites precious technology, Mika and his team are able to replicate dream travelers abilities, as well as other beastly creatures. And for the Lucidites, they desperately need to find a way to reverse the “were” gene for Zephyr and his pack, if they are ever allowed to leave the institute. Can Adelaide and her team of misfits stop Olento Research in time?

Adelaide is struggling with many facets of her life right now, and at the worst possible time ever! She was put in charge of this Level 5 case to find out where Olento Research was and to take them down, all the while still learning how to harness her abilities. Losing her father Ren before she was done with her training has definitely taken a toll on her. The confidence and drive this young girl has is outstanding! She never accepts defeat, never shows weakness, and therefore never shows love or compassion. But there is hope! Lucian, Adelaide's son, and Connor, (one of the were's) are wearing her down. Connor likes her, and she him. Although she tries to fight it, she finds herself opening up to him, sharing intimate moments with's adorable! And Lucian, that little boy is a hoot! The two finally begin to enjoy each others company. Well Adelaide does, I think Lucian always did, lol. Adelaide had a hard time bonding with him from birth, but she has slowly allowed herself to open up to him and show love. The relationships in the story have been more captivating for me than the hunt for Mika and Drake...I love my love stories ;)

As far as the plot of the story, I'm finding myself thinking how hard it is to believe that they would leave Adelaide to run this mission. It seems to me like it has taken longer than missions normally do. I know she is new, and that is my point! Do they not have other, more seasoned Lucidites to help run this mission? And yeah I get Ren liked to run alone but there is no comparison! Adelaide needs experienced people with her, and not just Roxy, the FBI agent who is really getting on my nerves! The series has interesting characters with crucial rolls, but I'm hoping the story doesn't wrap up rushed. I don't need “good luck” closing this deal, I need skill and calculating moves to get this job done. Lets keep our fingers crossed for the conclusion of the story, lets root for that hat trick, hail Mary, or whatever you would like to call it, lol. Go Lucidites!

Narrator Review

Elizabeth Klett graces us with her lovely performance on this crafty series. Elizabeth has this knack for accents. They are so good, and seamless. She moves from young woman English, (UK) to old dude German without skipping a beat! And her normal English (US) tone is so soothing just like a story tellers should be. I literally could listen to her all day! Thanks so much Elizabeth for the great memories! I give Elizabeth 5 Fangs!




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