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Some vampires are destined for greatness. He's not one of them.

When truckstop diner cook and mediocre bowler Herb Knudsen becomes a vampire, his once simple life gets a bit more complicated.

Herb’s not even sure how it happened. He wasn’t bitten by a vampire, which means there’s no one around to help him learn the ropes. With no one to guide him, Herb fumbles into his newfound abilities, courting disaster with every step.

Despite learning each new lesson the hard way, being a vampire isn’t all bad. He’s stronger, a little sexier, and a heck of a lot better at bowling. Even Lois, the girl of his dreams, is starting to notice him. But he can’t drink beer, the bodies are piling up, and his best friend Dallas isn’t just getting suspicious – he’s getting jealous.

When Lois is caught in the middle of the two friends' escalating rivalry, keeping his dark secret becomes the least of Herb's concerns.

Booze, bowling, bake sales, bar fights, babes, blood and karaoke... Who would have thought that being undead would make life so exciting?

Trappersville, WI is a small town filled with people that have little to do but bowl, drink, and fish, so when Herbert Knudsen, the towns loser suddenly becomes good at bowling, and starts actually looking good, something ain't right. Tune in for when socially awkward meets suave and sophisticated.

For a small town like Trappersville, Herb is a mere speck in a tiny pond. But when luck strikes Herb, he goes from being invisible to the Bay City Bowlers Champion! Herb was accidentally made a vampire. Why Herb? Well, why not! Herb lives a simple life as a fry cook at Robbie's Diner, has a best friend in Dallas who is a ladies man, and is in love with Lois, the waitress who doesn't even know Herb exists. Herb always lived in the shadow of his best friend Dallas, until he began his transformation into a vampire. He lost the belly fat, became stronger, and faster, in turn grew his self confidence ten fold. Herb seems like the underdog that deserves to win the lottery, sort of guy. He has always been nice and gentle unlike his counterpart Dallas, whom always went home with the girl. Dallas was full of himself to say the least. In times, it almost appears that Dallas is purely friends with Herb to make himself feel more sexy or likeable perhaps? Cause frankly the douche is always making fun of Herb, little jabs to his self confidence, appearance, lack of experience with the ladies. I really fucking despise this guy, so when Herb grows out of his awkwardness, I am rooting for Dallas to fall flat on his ass!

The story was entertaining to say the least. I can't say I've ever read a paranormal book that entails the main character being turned via mosquito, lol. I like the realism the town and characters have vs your typical PNR book. This stories world is not built with layers of the underworld, nor is it seeking a champion, it's everyday life and people with a twist. It's a town and people that we all can relate to. Not to copy what other reviewers have said already, but how can I not? Herb is the best unlikely vampire hero you'll ever meet! Herb has real anxiety, but now with his vampiric abilities he finally has the grace and strength to face his life long fears. I really enjoyed reading Wisconsin Vamp, and I can't wait to continue on with the series!



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