Monday, August 27, 2018


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Two women. Two lives. One goal—survive. 

Aspen and Emma live on the cusp of two worlds. One side is a soul-sucking drag filled with micro-managing bosses and insomnia. On the other, life unfolds on a razor's edge as they discover they are more than what they seem, marked by the Fae and bound to the Shadows. 

Abducted to the Shadows and turned into unwilling pawns of the Fae’s creation, they are forced to participate in the Wild Hunt. In this deadly world, few can be trusted, including charismatic Liam, Prince of the Shadows and Gerard, the mysterious Wild Hunt trainer, who claim they want to end it. Forced to trust the enemy, they must choose: work together and possibly end the Hunt forever—or each play her own game of survival and win at all costs. 

Shadow Bound is an amazing new series filled with drama, and well as the potential for a romance ;) When Emma and Aspen are abducted and awake in a strange new world, their new life threatening journey begins. In the Shadows is where these two women will learn their fate. Will they rise to the challenge, and kick fates ass, or will they crumble and die?

The story behind Shadow Bound is a world of fae that live in a cloaked society on earth. Some live among us, and some are bound to the Shadows. When fae dilute their blood line with humans, those half-breeds are considered lesser fae and are outcasts. Most if not all do not know their true heritage but are marked with what they believe as a birth mark. The humanettes, as they are referred to, all have magical properties, but some are more pronounced than others. The in depth portrayal of the fae is quiet intriguing, and unique for this reader. The fae come in many forms, as we find out during Emma and Aspen's ordeal. And the true nature of their abduction was for the two women to fight to the death in a yearly ritual called the Wild Hunt.

Emma and Aspen, strangers to each other, share a unique attribute, they are both half fae. The magic from their marks revealed their fae strength which is why they were chosen for the Wild Hunt. Over the next few weeks, they are trained for combat, all while coming to terms with what they really are. The transformation, and their abilities is phenomenal! Each woman possessing a strength different from the other, giving the reader an exciting anticipation for the battle! Emma was captured by Liam's people, and Liam is the nephew to the evil Ansel, who chose Aspen. The two are at odds, to say the least, and Liam is desperate to win the hunt and end the hunt once and for all. Ansel and Liam's history is very painful and treasonous, not only between them but to the fae kind. The constant battle between good and evil will never end until Liam finds out how to permanently stop Ansel. The entire story from beginning to end was captivating. I rooted for Emma, and empathized with Aspen through and through. I believe these two women will take everyone by surprise and bring Ansel down for good!

If you want a story that will just tug at your heart strings, and give you an amazing ride, then this is the book for you! Ansel will forever regret looking down on a humanette.