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Audiobook Review for Fated For Felony, Psychic Eye Mystery #16

By Victoria Laurie

Narrated by Elizabeth Michaels




 When three newbie agents at the Austin’s FBI cold-case bureau resent having to work alongside a psychic consultant, Abby Cooper finds herself in hot water after they contact super-popular podcaster Mike Toscano—a former agent and huge skeptic of Abby’s abilities.

To prove that she’s the real deal, Abby will have to solve Toscano’s oldest—and coldest—case, and she’ll have to do it on air with millions of Toscano’s fans critiquing her every move. To make matters worse, the D.C. brass is threatening to shut down the Austin offices if Abby doesn’t bring home a win.

But helping to solve the unsolvable is what Abby does best, and she’ll be bringing her A-game to Toscano’s podcast. The only trouble is the killer could be listening… 


Abby Cooper, the Psychic Detective, is at it again with another thrill riding case.  Working as a consultant for the FBI, Abby Cooper has made quite the reputation for herself for being incredibly accurate and closes even the hardest and coldest of cases with her intuitive abilities.  So when she comes head to head with a skeptic, it really pisses her off!

Mike Toscano, a former FBI Agent and a pod cast entrepreneur, comes forward and challenges Abby to a duel.  Mike believes that Abby's presence in the FBI is making them a laughing stalk.  Mike is a non-believer.  Non-believers are dangerous and usually egotistical.  Here is where Abby thrives and shines!  The tension that Toscano has created amongst the FBI group is so thick I could feel goose bumps on my arms!  Man I hate this guy!  But Abby never backed down.  She showed Toscano what she was made of and more.  The longer they spent time together, the more Toscano was understanding and truly believing Abby's skills.

It's been a while since I last read an Abby book, and this one just reminded me again why I love this series so much!  I was literally at the edge of my seat the whole time.  The more grim things looked for Abby, the more I wanted to punch Toscano in the face!  I can't wait to see what Abby gets into next!

Narrator Review

Elizabeth Michaels continues to deliver a wonderful performance for Abby and her friends.  I love her warm and understanding tone, but she can also deliver some sass and wrath when need be.  Elizabeth just knows how to take Victoria's stories and bring them to life, thank you.





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