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Book Review On Bucking The Cowboy by Madam La Zuray

**Book provided by the author for an honest review**

Rated it

 Rusty never dreamed he'd be tempted to break from the humdrum day life of working pastures and nighttime rush of riding bulls. Never again.

Office manager of the Coalside Ranch, Darlene had been burned by men—the danger addicts, the adrenaline junkies; so much so that she barely got over the last one. It was stupid to fall in love with men who had a passion for danger. So why couldn’t she stop herself from daydreaming about the cowboy who lingered in her office? 

This short erotic western romance was to the point, but had a deeper meaning, (no pun intended) behind the characters of Rusty Charleston and Darlene Fisher. Will Rusty and Darlene fall in love, and live happily ever after? Or will they just bang their brains out into unconsciousness? It's totally worth finding out!

We are on some sort of ranch, somewhere in the U.S. and the where's don't matter here, but the workers do. Rusty is a ranch hand, doing whatever manual labor is needed, and Darlene works on the business side of the ranch in the make shift of an office/trailer. The two little lust bunnies have been having some inappropriate fantasies at the work place about each other, but never acted upon their urges. Both of them have a painful past with love.  Neither are looking for anything at all.  And then she gets an eye full of his bare naked chest one day and he can't draw his attention away from here short shorts, and bulging cleavage. It's easy to empathize with, and care for Rusty and Darlene as a reader. Lost loves and grieving are two things everyone can relate to, and the author does a great job connecting us in such a way. I felt very hopeful for the two to get together, whether it be to fall in love, or to just connect on a primal lustful level, doesn't matter it's all good. I enjoyed the writing style of this author, so I look forward to reading future books.

Bucking the Cowboy: An Erotic Contemporary Western Romance

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Dahlia's Holiday Party

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Welcome to Dahlia's Holiday Party

Hello everyone, and welcome to Paranormaly Yours Book Blog & Reviews! My name is Kim, and for day 6 of Dahlia's Holiday Party, you have been brought to a book blog review site. If you don't know what a book blogger does, or what a review site is, then please let me explain...

A book blogger is someone who's passionate about books, and takes their love of books to a whole new level by helping authors in any way they can. How do we help, let us count the ways! For one, we will review their book at no charge in exchange for an honest review. Reviews are what make their books seen! Two, we sign up to promote their books via social media. Twitter and Facebook are our friends when it comes to promo's! And three, posting blog tours, cover reveals and sales on our website for a wider range of people to see. How do you get followers to see these promo's you ask? Well I host numerous giveaways, offering books, (both signed paperbacks and ebooks), and book swag galore! Readers LOVE to win signed books, and get the hard to get your hands on book swag ;) I hope this helps you understand, if just a little of what book bloggers do. Please take a look around the site, you may find someone new! 


In my christian based belief house we celebrate Christmas on December 25th . Neither one of us, (my husband and I) had any real family traditions from our parents to pass on when we had kids, so we made our own as the years rolled along. One of our favorite traditions to do each Christmas is to count down the days to Christmas with our favorite Christmas movies! Each year the list has changed, (they had to be age appropriate) and as the children get older, the movie selection has gotten more fun. Here is the beginnings of our list for this year so far:

Now the Christmas Story movie is ALWAYS watched on Christmas Eve, ALWAYS! We LOVE that movie! We even took a trip to Cleveland to see the house! LOVE IT! I would love to hear your family traditions, so please feel free to share!


Now that you have taken a look around to see what I'm all about, here are my social links if you would like to stalk the blog! I would love to have you join the patrol, and subscribe to my email updates. Each month I hold a giveaway for subscribers only, and a random follower wins just for being a subscriber. Thank you for stopping by, and I hope to see you around...OH, and don't forget to enter in Dahlia's Giveaway, there is a little something in there from me ;) Good luck!



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By +Molly Harper & Narrated By Amanda Ronconi

Rated it

Bonnie Turkle, multimedia historian for the Kentucky Commission of Tourism, is dispatched to Mud Creek, a tiny eastern Kentucky town, with few prospects but many oddballs, to rescue important artifacts from McBride’s Music Hall. Now fallen beyond disrepair, McBride’s was once a jewel of the early American music scene, an intersection of the country-western and rhythm and blues circuits. The former owner’s grandson, Will McBride, who also happens to be Mud Creek’s esteemed mayor, would like nothing more than to see the place bull-dozed in favor of a factory that will provide much-needed jobs to his citizens. But Bonnie finds evidence of a legendary musical event at the music hall and her plans to turn it into a museum put Mud Creek’s economic future at risk – not to mention the growing flirtation between the two of them. If Will and Bonnie can’t find common ground, the town’s past and future will be lost.

Bonnie Turkle thought she had the perfect life a great job that kept her on the road visiting all the great history that her state of Kentucky had to offer. With no real “roots” to keep her grounded, this was the ideal job for her, until she finds herself knee deep in a rescue mission, for both an old music hall and a broken hearted man. What is a geeky historian to do?

Bonnie works at the Kentucky Commission of Tourism under our beloved Sadie, (from previous book My Bluegrass Baby) as the multimedia historian. She's pretty reserved, until it comes to history. She loves getting her hands dirty and restoring items to their original glory. But her life is missing something... When she butts heads with the towns Mayor over his family's property, while also falling in love with him, the fun begins! These two knuckle heads are a good time all by themselves. They had me laughing, frustrated, and cheering for them throughout the entire book. I didn't know if I wanted them to rip each other limb from limb or have crazy monkey sex!

The story was light hearted, with a dash of serious undertone, and a ton of foreplay! What a great combination for a cozy romance? Romantic comedy? This book could fall under either mind set. Either way it's great! I loved the extension from the original story. Oh, I hope the next book is about her roommate, cause man does her man suck! She needs to hook up with that geeky dude, lol!

Narrator Review

Amanda Ronconi continues the journey with us at the Kentucky Commission of Tourism.  She does such a wonderful job with the accents.  I don't know what Kentuckians sound like, but I imagine they sound similar to Amanda.  Wonderful sound quality, and excellent comedic timing!  You will not regret listening to Amanda, like ever!   

Rhythm and Bluegrass (Bluegrass, #2)

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Release Blitz, Southern Delight by Author Jeannette Winters


Southern Delight

(Southern Desires Series Book 3)



Available on KindleUnlimited





Don Farrell believes in working hard and playing even harder. The only thing he took seriously was business. Finding out there was a target on his back only made him more determined to succeed. Bailey Tasca had been confident and outgoing. Her tomorrows had been filled with dreams of someday making it big as a comedian, but her laughter stopped the day the doctor told her the results: cancer. Now she struggles to redefine herself. When Don and Bailey meet up again at a friend’s wedding, the one thing neither wanted was to find the chemistry they’d shared in the past now even more explosive. Don realizes it doesn’t matter what he achieves if Bailey is not by his side to share it. Can he reach Bailey behind her high walls of insecurities and doubt? Bailey must let go of her newly acquired inhibitions and open herself up, both emotionally and physically, if she ever wants her happily ever after. Can their love heal even the deepest wounds?



Southern Desires Series

All available on KindleUnlimited

Book 1: Southern Spice


Book 2: Southern Exposure



The Betting On You Series

Book 1: The Billionaire's Secret FREE TO DOWNLOAD US UK  

Book 2: The Billionaire's Masquerade US UK  

Book 3: The Billionaire's Longshot US UK  

Book 4: The Billionaire's Jackpot US UK  

Book 5: All Bets Off US UK

The Barrington Billionaires Series * Also available in audiobook format  

Book 1: One White Lie US UK  

Book 2: Table For Two US UK  

Book 3: You & Me Make Three US UK  

Book 4: Virgin For The Fourth Time US UK




Jeannette Winters is a romance author mixing heart, intrigue, and the steamy pleasure of a Billionaire romance. Jeannette grew up in a large family, number ten out of eleven children, eight of them being older brothers. She quickly developed a great sense of humor, mostly from necessity. One of her greatest joys is sitting on the porch where they were all raised and hearing the stories from years gone by. Quietly laughing to herself, she notices how they embellish the stories more and more each year. Storytelling was passed down from her grandfather and mother. Jeannette caught the bug at a very young age. If she didn’t have her head in a book, then she was off somewhere with a notebook, jotting down stories of what she would write if one day she became an author. Although the notebook may have vanished, the stories are still vivid and waiting for the right time to be told. Despite having an amazing family, there have also been some sorrows in her life, including the loss of loved ones. Over the years, Jeannette has spent countless hours volunteering for different organizations and acting as a caregiver to those most dear to her. As a result, supporting the elderly became of utmost importance.


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Book Review On Saint Dragoness, (A Sin of Saints Vol.1) by Rain Murphy

**Book provided by the author for an honest review**

Rated it

Saint Dragoness was born to a poor peasant family. She was never a true Saint, she was too self-serving. She was intelligent beyond the year she was born 227 AD, and her experiments were scary to her family and the village people.

Goddess Jennica gave Saint Dragoness’s creations a new and better way of life. Tazzy one of Saint Dragoness’s original Dragons mourned for his Saint Dragoness. He even contemplated death as a way out of his mourning, until the day he met his Keeper.

Scout couldn’t have been more wrong about her average life. She soon learned that she was to be a Dragon Keeper, and all that that meant. Scout was born to be special, she just didn’t know it yet.

This is the story of how the dragons on Decision Island were created, and their maker. Their creation and almost demise of both dragon and maker were brought about by fear and love. Love prevails, but the fear twisted and morphed the creatures into a more peaceful version of their original selves.

At a very young age Eerie knew she was different. With the magic she possessed naturally, she can produce growth from seeds, and later on as she was Her parents were scared, and discouraged her strange behavior, telling her what she could do wasn't normal and the town folk wouldn't approve. So she hid her talent until one day she was discovered. Instead of protecting their child, her parents sold her to a brothel. When Eerie finally discovered she was able to push her abilities and create life, the dragons came to fruition...Present day the dragons have lived on without their maker for centuries. Taken in by Goddess Jennica and brought to Decision Island, where they lived a more peaceful life, but with one catch. Their is always a BUT.

The entire story was a very sad tale from beginning to end. The horrible acts that Eerie and Scout had to endure were cruel. The dragons were born into this particular kind of life style, and therefore knew no better, but that still doesn't make it OK. The bigotry and fear of the unknown is what caused this entire mess, and if people would only stop for one second to try and understand, or even just empathize than the witch hunt would have never happen. One would think that after centuries of repeating the same mistakes that we would learn. I LOVED this book! It was pretty short, but packed a punch! The story and her characters were very thought provoking, and even mesmerizing. The timing of this book couldn't have been more right. 

Saint Dragoness

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 Rated it

 Creature Notte Star has always fought for the betterment of her kind. She has suffered the loss of loved ones at the hands of humans. She understands that most of the species in her world are a result of Adam’s experiments to recreate his own DNA. None of this matters when she discovers she is being sent to Deciding Island for judgment. Stories of her kind becoming Island Ash have haunted her since childhood. There are no memorials for those that don’t come back from DI...

Creature is this kick ass heroine vampire that works as a combatant, aka police, protector, (or whatever you want to call it), and keeps order amongst her species here on earth. `When her Uncle Ross, whom is also her boss, sends her out on a no kill mission to rescue a group of kidnappees, shit goes wrong, and she finds herself on Decision Island. Decision Island is where the non-humans go when they break the rules, and not all of them return...

Creature Notte Starr lost her parents as a young child and was raised by her Uncle Ross and along with her cousin Thomas. She knows pain and grief all to well, especially after losing her husband in the last war. For Cre to be able to cope with such a loss, she has been working undercover and taking out the “bad guys” as a vigilante. Her Uncle warned her that if she didn't quit their was the strong possibility she would be sent to DI. Trying her best wasn't good enough and she landed herself on the island. Terrified that she would never see her family again, Cre just wanted to hurry up and “learn her lesson” from the island. The one thing Cre did not factor in was that her lesson involved Mica, her soul mate.

The lesson behind the story kids is forgiveness, just as the book title suggests. You can run, but you can never hide from your pain. Cre had a ton of pain that she buried deep down, and while on the island had to face that pain and deal with it. Along her journey were some interesting characters, in particular a little potty named Blue. The interactions Cre experienced with others while there was what made this story so intriguing. I caught myself saying out loud, "awe", and "oh no" a lot! It was such a heart felt book to read that I don't think I have encountered such a story written quiet this way. The book appealed to my love of the paranormal, fantasy, and romance. Creature and Mica's story is definitely one I will never forget!


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Title: The Misguided Confession
Genre: British Paranormal Romance
Release Date: November 12, 2016
Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing
Designer: Claire Smith

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Elaine Gibbs has been defined by other people’s words for much of her life: autistic, shifter, adopted, genius, Royal Marine. She has spent a year having her entire world spun around and just when she hopes things have stabilized, a zealot threatens everything she holds dear, including her life.

Alim Kader grew up knowing his family’s expectations and is required to fall in line. Life, however, threw him a massive surprise in the body of the most fascinating woman he has ever known. Now if he could only convince her that his sole desire is to stand beside her, not rescue her.

Will love be enough for two people from different worlds to brave a storm of evil and come through the other side unscathed?


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Dahlia Donovan started out working in the insurance world. After ten years, she morphed her love of investigating accidents and studying people into writing about them. She's a bit of a hermit and despises being in front of a camera. Her life wouldn't be complete without her husband and her massive collection of books and video games.