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 Ryan thought he was on the fast track to his dream life. That is, until he woke up without a pulse. Realizing he has no way to leave the space where he took his last breath, he fears he is destined to spend eternity within the confines of his dreary apartment walls.

Mercy is certain she has left the clairvoyant tendencies of her bloodline behind. However, when she arrives at her new apartment in blustery Chicago, she is shocked to find that the previous tenant, Ryan, has stayed behind.

As their unique friendship blossoms, Ryan begins to think he's been left behind to act as Mercy's protector, but she doesn't seem to be the kind of woman who wants to be protected.
Meanwhile, Mercy is convinced it's her job to help Ryan cross over, but as she grows to know him, she's not entirely sure she's selfless enough to let him go.

As they struggle through the complexities of their relationship, they realize that the collision of their worlds isn't just coincidence. It's fate.


Mercy Hunter just graduated High School and has made a major decision to move to Chicago on her own. Not without her hippie parents blessing, Mercy leaves home to live a “normal” life. She has never been one for the hippie lifestyle her parents forced upon her and her brother Lyric, so Mercy is off on her own journey to discover what the corporate world is really about. Will Mercy make it in the Windy City?

Mercy was a very unusual child, wanting or needing structure in her life. Structure her parent's could not provide for her, but thought they had. When Mercy arrives in Chicago, she is held up at her friend Drew's place until she finds a job and her own apartment. Drew sets up the job for her, where he works, and she falls ass backwards into an apartment in Chinatown. Having a very open mind, and spiritual background, Mercy immediately feels a disturbance in her new apartment. That disturbance is Ryan's ghost, and it all goes to hell in a hen basket from there!

Ryan's story was short, but to the point and sad. When Mercy meets Ryan, it was fate, a set up for the future that is to be. During the friendship and falling in love bond these two crazy kids went through, we the reader where nudged in the back of our mind that this was for a reason, but I didn't know what that reason was. I couldn't help but ask why, why now? Mercy is alive and Ryan is not. Why have them fall in love if they can never be together. Knowing that this union couldn't exist, I was still intrigued. The story was so well written and had an on going steady pace that just sucked you in. In the end, I was shocked and teary eyed. The ending was so unexpected, just as the love story with Ryan and Mercy. That ending my friends was the last thread that was holding me back from loving this book! If you believe in life after death, and love romance with a little paranormal, than this book is right up your alley! 

Saving Mercy

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