Monday, September 1, 2014

Release the blogger!

Here I am again to share the experience of a lifetime as I prepared to meet with +Jeaniene Frost in person for a one-on-one interview about her new book The Beautiful Ashes.

When Jeaniene's book signing in Asheville was brought to my attention, my first reaction was I'm there!  Not thinking about my blog, a book review, or an interview.  I am such a big fan of her Night Huntress series, that is what drove me to attend.

About a week or so after I found out, (I'm kinda slow like that sometimes), the light bulb lit overhead, "I should totally see if she would do an interview with me".  So on August 16th, off I went to Jeaniene's website to find her contact info so I could ask her.

As I waited for a response, I kept thinking to myself, she's going to say no. She's too busy, if she even responds at all!  I'm kidding myself that anyone of her status would agree to an interview with a blogger that just started her own blog a few weeks ago, and frankly, doesn't know what the hell she is doing!

Then, three pain staking days later, on August 19th, Jeaniene not only answers my email, but she says YES!  OMG!  I am the luckiest woman in the world right now!  I'm jumping up and down, telling everyone who will listen about my good fortune!  It is my moment to sink or swim...

In preparation for the interview I did some research, because I don't want to look unprofessional, or like a dumbass.  Research has always been a weakness of mine; in school, finding the right product to buy, in everything. But the fact that a celebrity like Jeaniene was involved, I went full force with no qualms about it.

I started with reading everything on her website and blog. I followed all of the interview links on her blog and read all of those. Next, I did a search for all other interviews I could find out there that she didn't have links to. I spent hours and hours reading interview after interview.

I gathered one important thing, people like to ask her the same fracking questions over and over.  Don't you read people?!  The part I found even more ridiculous was the very questions they were asking her, she had posted on her own blog!  It was very important to me to be original, to stand out from the rest, and last but not least, get the scoop on what I didn't already know.

Once I had finished my research and written down my questions, I turned to my friends and family to bounce the questions off of them for extra security.  I mean, I didn't want to sound dumb, so I had to ask - does this sound like a good question? Do you understand the question or do I need to re-phrase it?  Do you think this will offend her?  Do you have a question that you think would be as good or better than what I have already thought of?  

By the time I finalized my questions, my husband had rolled his eyes at me, frowned with concern for some of the questions, and outright ignored me by putting his headphones on.  I knew I was trying his patience, but I wanted this interview to be perfect.  If he were in my place and it was Stevie Ray Vaughn, he would have been the same way!

Interview day finally arrived.  I had trouble sleeping the night before. Nerves.  As soon as I woke up, I made sure the phones and cameras were fully charged.  One more glance at my handy dandy notebook, to make sure I'm still satisfied with my final decision on the questions, now let's get ready!  Two hours later, my husband, kids, and I were on our way.

The drive to Asheville was pleasant until about the half way point.  I got this headache, the behind the eyes kind, and I started feeling nauseated.  I'm not sure if it was nerves, or my husband's driving on that curvy ass highway.  I was going to hurl.  I reached into the snack bag, the one you always have to have on a long drive with kids, to get some crackers, in hopes that they would calm my stomach.  Whew!  A few minutes later, I was back to normal.

Soon after that episode, we reached our destination, as my son and the GPS would say, lol.  We arrived on time, as planned, but then our GPS decided to wig out and take us in the opposite direction the book store was actually in, getting us lost!  By the time we found our way to the book store, we faced the challenge of parking.  Asheville, on a Saturday, in downtown no less, which is where the book store had to be located, was a nightmare!

After circling several times, we found parking and made our way to the store. Arriving 45 minutes late did nothing to settle my nerves.  I took a few pre-interview pictures and notified the right person that I was there, sat down and waited.  My husband took the kids and left the store, and I put my nerves in check.

The conversation in my head went something like this, "Don't you dare start visibly shaking, stuttering, or hurl while you are talking to her! You can do this Kim! Shake it off and show everyone how confident you are and how you belong here just as much as anyone else does!  I swear by all that is holy if you frack this up I will never let you have another sweet piece of chocolate cake again, EVER!"  

While I was chiding myself, I vaguely heard my name, I focused back on the here and now, and it was Jeaniene and the book store manager saying "It's time to go find Kim." I smiled the biggest smile I think I had ever smiled, and waved my arm up in the air like a kid in class.

To be continued...

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  1. (Apologies if this shows up twice). You are too kind in your assessment of me, Kim, and not nearly kind enough when talking about yourself. You are fabulous, and I am not nearly a celebrity. What celebrity spends half of their working day in their pj's? Lol. Thanks again for the interview! It was great meeting you :).