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The Beautiful Ashes

Book review on The Beautiful Ashes By +Jeaniene Frost

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 Ever since she was a child, Ivy has been gripped by visions of strange realms just beyond her own. But when her sister goes missing, Ivy discovers the truth is far worse—her hallucinations are real, and her sister is trapped in a parallel realm. And the one person who believes her is the dangerously attractive guy who's bound by an ancient legacy to betray her.

Adrian might have turned his back on those who raised him, but that doesn't mean he can change his fate…no matter how strong a pull he feels toward Ivy. Together they search for the powerful relic that can save her sister, but Adrian knows what Ivy doesn't: that every step brings Ivy closer to the truth about her own destiny, and a war that could doom the world. Sooner or later, it will be Ivy on one side and Adrian on the other. And nothing but ashes in between...

This book starts out immediately with Ivy taken against her will by Adrian, who had to fight a demon in order to get her away from it and keep her safe. The setting is a bed and breakfast in Bennington. Ivy was showing pictures of her missing sister to anyone and everyone who would listen out of desperation.  This was also her parents last stop as well before their untimely death in a car accident.  So right off the bat, in chapter one this happens, whew!

Ivy is forced to tag along with Adrian, while he is trying to keep her safe from demons of the "other realm". Ivy is slowly, (and I can't stress enough how slowly), but surely, clued in by Adrian what is going on, who she is, and how to get her sister back from the demons that took her.   

Now that we are talking about who Adrian is, Zach an Archon, is introduced into the mix. Then, in  come the reinforcements Tomas and Costa, to help get Adrian and Ivy to the portals that open to the demon realms...I introduce you to the demon hunting entourage.

Since Ivy is a huge target and the demons are after her, she would fare a lot better if she were in disguise, so Zach makes her look like a hot blonde, then an old man, and last but not least, a demon hound.  Let me just say, these disguises serve for some fracking hilarious scenes throughout the book!  The other haha moment I had was when the entourage was headed to Boone, NC, for a vortex into the demon realm, which is only a hop, skip, and a jump from my location!  Better you than me Boone, HAHA ; )~

Unfortunately, the story isn't so funny for Ivy.  She is, needless to say, overwhelmed by her heritage that Adrian reveals to her. She only wants to save her sister and be done with all the demons and angels nonsense because it is too terrifying for her to handle.  

This rings true for Ivy when she discovers she has to find a weapon, in one of the hundreds of different demon realms there are, in order to get her sister back!  Only Ivy can sense the weapon and wield it apparently, sucks for her...  And once she does retrieve said weapon, Ivy starts a chain reaction to a shit storm, unknowingly of course.  Also has to deal with Adrian's past, and his destiny!

The ending of the book gives you the knowledge of what Ivy and Adrian's next quest will entail.  Pulling you in with the drama that transpires between Ivy and Adrian, along with the question of will Ivy survive through trying to fulfill her destiny!  What can I say, I'm a sucker for a good old fashioned "Good vs. Evil" book.

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