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Phoenix Rising, (Volume 1)

Book review on Phoenix Rising, (Volume 1) by +Elise Faber
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 Blurb:  For Daughtry a simple brush of skin is devastating. With every touch her mind is flooded with visions of death. Then she is pursued by enemies who would force her to use those visions for their own gain. In an instant her entire world changes and instead of hiding from her life, she has to fight for the freedom to live it. But with the fight comes the opportunity to recognize her power’s full potential and maybe, just maybe, a chance to find her true love.

Review:  This book starts out with us being introduced to Daughtry and what her pathetic life has been reduced to.  After getting dumped by her fiance, Jimmy, via Dear John letter, her visions started.  Pure touch from another triggers Daughtry's visions of their death, and the visions have a relentless grip on her.  Already feeling devastated at being dumped by a dude that treated her like shit, the visions force Daughtry into seclusion in order to keep her sanity.   Daughtry is completely alone and doesn't know how to fight anymore.  She is living in filth with no money and no friends.  Her adoptive parents never really cared, and the only friend she seems to have is her ex-boyfriend's friend, John.  Little does Daughtry know that John will be her salvation.

Just when John is going to tell Daughtry the truth about what she really is and who her parents are, they fall under attack by the Dalshie, vile creatures of destruction and death.   The Dalshie are the mortal enemies of the Rengalla, which is what John really is and Daughtry as well, but she doesn't know it yet.  With no time to explain, John fights off the Dalshie and is joined by Cody just in time to save Daughtry from certain death!  The trio flee (barely) with their lives in search of a safe haven.  Just as Daughtry irritates the two hunky men with her endless questioning, John decides that this is the moment to bestow a protection circle around Daughtry that will not only keep her from harm but also will null her visions.  

The storyline was excellent.  I was glued to the pages like white on rice the moment the action started!  The world and characters created were so unique and very likeable from the get go.  The writing, the story and the characters all had me from page one.  When I was introduced to John, the friend of the ex-boyfriend, his empathy and caring for Daughtry was so endearing, it made his personality and flirtatious side very genuine and sweet.   As we got to know Cody...boy, was he a prick!  Daughtry and he immediately fell into this lust/hate relationship, even though she's all kissing and mooning over John now.  The longer Cody and Daughtry spent together, the harder their attraction for one another became, even though they loathed each other, and it was very entertaining!  Then, when we were introduced to the LexTals (the constables of the Rengalla), a more playful side is brought into play.  The LexTals include Tyler (the young, cute and very friendly outgoing one), Dante (the leader of the pack) and the triplets, Morgan, Monroe and Mason (the three stooges),  as well as John and Cody.  They all get along great on the surface, but Cody feels that, since he did not grow up with them, he is an outsider.

As the story unfolds and Daughtry learns about what happened to her when she was a little girl, her affections for Cody build and grow.  Cody also has a sordid past that he reveals slowly to Daughtry, which brings him to the forefront of serious boyfriend potential.  Great!  I really like John, but now, Cody has grown on me like a wart!  By the time they reach the Colony where the Rengalla reside, Daughtry is overwhelmed with dread and a doomsday feeling because of what she has learned about herself, her parents and the Delshie.  She, now more than ever, wants to bind her powers to never hurt anyone ever again!  But will Cody stand in her way of that, or will she accept who and what she is for the man she is falling for?  Will John fight for her??  How do two friends on the same team deal with falling for the same woman?  And WTF is up with Cody's powers??!!  Is he a null, or not?!  Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!!!  And to add insult to injury, the author puts Chapter 1 to Book 2 in at the end!!  You're killing me, woman!!  I already so want to know what happens next, you don't have to tease me with a sneak peek!  I will be stalking Elise Faber now until I catch news of when Book 2 will be released, and you will be the first I tell!  So, if you like Paranormal Romance with a lot of violence, sex, backstabbing and double crossing deceit, then this is the book for you!

Phoenix Rising (Volume 1)

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