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 Professional psychics learn to deal with skeptics, but Abby has to prepare herself for one steep uphill battle when she’s sent to San Diego to help train FBI officers to use their intuition. Her first challenge: a series of bank robberies in which the thieves made off with loads of cash but left no clues. 

In the 14th installment of the Psychic Eye Mysteries, Abby Cooper is sent to the FBI's field office in L.A. to show the west coast how shit is done! Despite her reservations about going, Abby felt like her hand was forced with an unspoken threat towards her husband Dutch and his career. The head honcho in L.A. was very specific about Abby's visit there, and above all else, Candace her BFF was NOT ALLOWED to accompany her. I wonder why? Lol!

So apparently Abby pissed off the wrong person with her awesomeness and this trip was a test. Politics really suck. Abby just knew that she was going in yet another hostile environment and was going to have to prove herself to these idiots. She really hates that and she should. I mean, she's a well established psychic, and has powerful people in her pocket for reference! So once there, Abby was lead to help in a series of bank robberies, which unbeknownst to everyone, would also lead to her trying to solve a whodunit murder before it even happens! What could possibly go wrong? If you seriously don't know the answer to that question, then you haven't read any of the books in this series!

The very person forbade to go, there. Wow, not shocked at all! The new agents that Abby are introduced to are pretty frumpy. Damn, give a girl a break! The very first agent she is introduced to, which is the only female on the team, is the only one I ended up liking. The feeling this team gave me was disconnected. I never felt like Abby bonded with them, like she had with Bryce and his team. Despite the lack of comradery, the story was pretty damn good. The detail into how they come about the clues, and slowly figure things out is really cool, and very genius. The only sore spot in the story for me was what Candace had done to help catch the future killer. I would have to agree with Abby on this one, I felt very uncomfortable with it. I hope this is not a path she continues down, because that would really sour me on further reading. All in all, I really enjoyed this adventure!

Narrator Review

Elizabeth Michaels blesses us with her talent during this fine audio reading. She has been the voice for Abby from the very beginning starting with, Abby Cooper Psychic Eye, Book 1. I find Elizabeth's tone perfect for Abby, however the fact that we are into book 14 and she still pauses during the reading in the wrong spots troubles me. Like she's not rehearsed first, and didn't know the sentence she was reading continued. She stops short a lot is what I'm trying to say. Her doing that takes me out of the story sometimes, and can be unnerving as well. Don't get me wrong, I do like her as a narrator, but maybe a little more practice before recording will do her some justice on this matter. I rate Elizabeth with 3 Fangs. 

A Grave Prediction (A Psychic Eye Mystery, #14)

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