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By +Molly Harper & Narrated By Amanda Ronconi

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Bonnie Turkle, multimedia historian for the Kentucky Commission of Tourism, is dispatched to Mud Creek, a tiny eastern Kentucky town, with few prospects but many oddballs, to rescue important artifacts from McBride’s Music Hall. Now fallen beyond disrepair, McBride’s was once a jewel of the early American music scene, an intersection of the country-western and rhythm and blues circuits. The former owner’s grandson, Will McBride, who also happens to be Mud Creek’s esteemed mayor, would like nothing more than to see the place bull-dozed in favor of a factory that will provide much-needed jobs to his citizens. But Bonnie finds evidence of a legendary musical event at the music hall and her plans to turn it into a museum put Mud Creek’s economic future at risk – not to mention the growing flirtation between the two of them. If Will and Bonnie can’t find common ground, the town’s past and future will be lost.

Bonnie Turkle thought she had the perfect life a great job that kept her on the road visiting all the great history that her state of Kentucky had to offer. With no real “roots” to keep her grounded, this was the ideal job for her, until she finds herself knee deep in a rescue mission, for both an old music hall and a broken hearted man. What is a geeky historian to do?

Bonnie works at the Kentucky Commission of Tourism under our beloved Sadie, (from previous book My Bluegrass Baby) as the multimedia historian. She's pretty reserved, until it comes to history. She loves getting her hands dirty and restoring items to their original glory. But her life is missing something... When she butts heads with the towns Mayor over his family's property, while also falling in love with him, the fun begins! These two knuckle heads are a good time all by themselves. They had me laughing, frustrated, and cheering for them throughout the entire book. I didn't know if I wanted them to rip each other limb from limb or have crazy monkey sex!

The story was light hearted, with a dash of serious undertone, and a ton of foreplay! What a great combination for a cozy romance? Romantic comedy? This book could fall under either mind set. Either way it's great! I loved the extension from the original story. Oh, I hope the next book is about her roommate, cause man does her man suck! She needs to hook up with that geeky dude, lol!

Narrator Review

Amanda Ronconi continues the journey with us at the Kentucky Commission of Tourism.  She does such a wonderful job with the accents.  I don't know what Kentuckians sound like, but I imagine they sound similar to Amanda.  Wonderful sound quality, and excellent comedic timing!  You will not regret listening to Amanda, like ever!   

Rhythm and Bluegrass (Bluegrass, #2)

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