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Book Review On Bucking The Cowboy by Madam La Zuray

**Book provided by the author for an honest review**

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 Rusty never dreamed he'd be tempted to break from the humdrum day life of working pastures and nighttime rush of riding bulls. Never again.

Office manager of the Coalside Ranch, Darlene had been burned by men—the danger addicts, the adrenaline junkies; so much so that she barely got over the last one. It was stupid to fall in love with men who had a passion for danger. So why couldn’t she stop herself from daydreaming about the cowboy who lingered in her office? 

This short erotic western romance was to the point, but had a deeper meaning, (no pun intended) behind the characters of Rusty Charleston and Darlene Fisher. Will Rusty and Darlene fall in love, and live happily ever after? Or will they just bang their brains out into unconsciousness? It's totally worth finding out!

We are on some sort of ranch, somewhere in the U.S. and the where's don't matter here, but the workers do. Rusty is a ranch hand, doing whatever manual labor is needed, and Darlene works on the business side of the ranch in the make shift of an office/trailer. The two little lust bunnies have been having some inappropriate fantasies at the work place about each other, but never acted upon their urges. Both of them have a painful past with love.  Neither are looking for anything at all.  And then she gets an eye full of his bare naked chest one day and he can't draw his attention away from here short shorts, and bulging cleavage. It's easy to empathize with, and care for Rusty and Darlene as a reader. Lost loves and grieving are two things everyone can relate to, and the author does a great job connecting us in such a way. I felt very hopeful for the two to get together, whether it be to fall in love, or to just connect on a primal lustful level, doesn't matter it's all good. I enjoyed the writing style of this author, so I look forward to reading future books.

Bucking the Cowboy: An Erotic Contemporary Western Romance

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