Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Dahlia's Holiday Party

Patrol Log:  4112062016

Welcome to Dahlia's Holiday Party

Hello everyone, and welcome to Paranormaly Yours Book Blog & Reviews! My name is Kim, and for day 6 of Dahlia's Holiday Party, you have been brought to a book blog review site. If you don't know what a book blogger does, or what a review site is, then please let me explain...

A book blogger is someone who's passionate about books, and takes their love of books to a whole new level by helping authors in any way they can. How do we help, let us count the ways! For one, we will review their book at no charge in exchange for an honest review. Reviews are what make their books seen! Two, we sign up to promote their books via social media. Twitter and Facebook are our friends when it comes to promo's! And three, posting blog tours, cover reveals and sales on our website for a wider range of people to see. How do you get followers to see these promo's you ask? Well I host numerous giveaways, offering books, (both signed paperbacks and ebooks), and book swag galore! Readers LOVE to win signed books, and get the hard to get your hands on book swag ;) I hope this helps you understand, if just a little of what book bloggers do. Please take a look around the site, you may find someone new! 


In my christian based belief house we celebrate Christmas on December 25th . Neither one of us, (my husband and I) had any real family traditions from our parents to pass on when we had kids, so we made our own as the years rolled along. One of our favorite traditions to do each Christmas is to count down the days to Christmas with our favorite Christmas movies! Each year the list has changed, (they had to be age appropriate) and as the children get older, the movie selection has gotten more fun. Here is the beginnings of our list for this year so far:

Now the Christmas Story movie is ALWAYS watched on Christmas Eve, ALWAYS! We LOVE that movie! We even took a trip to Cleveland to see the house! LOVE IT! I would love to hear your family traditions, so please feel free to share!


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