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 **Advanced Readers Copy provided by the author for an honest review**

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Have you ever fallen in love with a book boyfriend? 
Naomi Douglas did.
From the moment Naomi met Joe, she claimed him as her own.
Depressed and lonely, Naomi’s fascination with Joe quickly turns to obsession. 

Naomi Douglas lives a sad and mundane life, divorced, distant from her parents and her only sibling lives in another country. She has no one but the books she edits for a living, and Joseph her fictional boyfriend. As Naomi continues to get deeper into this author's world, Joe is becoming more and more real to her. Is she going crazy or has Naomi stumbled onto something magical and beyond her wildest dreams?

Naomi has fallen into a fantasy trap that we all have from time to time, wishing that the man in a romance novel we were reading was real. They are always written to fit the heroine like a glove. They know just what to say, when to say it, and are unbelievably gorgeous. But Naomi's broken and lonely heart allows her imagination to take it further than ever before. She begins re-writing another authors work for her own personal happiness. She writes herself in as the heroine, and Joe is her lover. At first she tells herself that it's just to help her start writing her own work again, but we all know that's not what's going on here. When her desires begin to collide with reality, that is when the real fun begins.

Naomi is a truly relateable character. I can't tell you how many book boyfriends I have fantasized about, and wished that they were real, or that they could be real. In my case that would be never because they are always vampires or shifters, lol. At times I felt like I was walking in Naomi's shoes! The similarities were uncanny, which made parts of the book hard for me to read. Joe's character was designed to be ideal and he was. He could melt the panties off of any woman! The conflict between Naomi and her mother and sister were spot on for how most mothers and daughters get along, that's for sure. Each character involved played a crucial role for Naomi's story and they played them very well.

The story was fantastic! It was original, and God help me it was too close for comfort at times for me. Sometimes I did feel like the author had jumped into my brain and plucked out my deepest darkest desires. The only “spoiler” I will reveal is that it has a cliffhanger. I loath cliffhangers, but if I didn't then that would mean I didn't enjoy the book, and I loved it!


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