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Archangel Tegan is an elite soldier who has lived centuries bound by duty and honor, so when he is chosen to procreate with a human, he never thinks to question his orders. Once he realizes the depths of his emotions for the fair-haired beauty who carries his child, he attempts to claim Ana as his own. It is only then he discovers just how forbidden a relationship with her really is and the lengths his commanders will go to stop it.

Tegan is the leader of Angel Warrior's, referred to as “The Elite” in heaven. Their job is to secure fallen angels and bring them to heaven. When Tegan falls in love with a human, he is willing to walk away from his duty to humanity and become a fallen to be with his eternal mate Ana. How do you not crumble into jelly and swoon over that?!

This is the story of when Ashley's parents meet and fall in love. Ashley is the one "Fall Into Darkness" and "Veiled In Darkness" are all about. In order to truly appreciate this story, I do recommend you read Fall Into Darkness first. And if you're a bleeding heart romantic, read both books first! I honestly believe that if Ashley had been given this whole story at the very beginning, she wouldn't have understood and would still be distant with her father Tegan. The timing had to be just right, and the author did in fact nail the timing!

Tegan was true to the cause that he worked so hard for, but when he found his mate in a human he was willing to walk away from it all. I was so enamored with their love story, and fell right into the tragedy that befell them. I was so heart broken by the end of the book that all I wanted to do was give Tegan a great big sympathy hug! I can now say that I adore Tegan for his big ol' romantic heart, and no longer think of him as a douche he kinda came across as in Ashley's book. 

An Angel's Torment (Eternally Mated Prequel): Eternally Mated Prequel

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