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Dragon shifter Connor O’Rourke loves his life as a firefighter, but one thing remains missing. His mate. She left him high and dry with only a note and the memory of her kiss. When several mysterious arsons are committed in Dallas, the shifter is called in to investigate and discovers Jenna working at the local firehouse.

Connor is a dragon shifter that works as a fire fighter in Minnesota. He's been distracting himself with work ever since his betrothed, Jenna, left him a year ago. Connor is in constant turmoil over his feelings for Jenna and the Council's rules for his people. With an arsonist loose and, Jenna falling for another man, and a certain dragon male condition that is rearing it's ugly head, how can Connor possibly prevail?

In this romantic suspense thriller, Connor O'Rourke has been devastated ever since the love of his life left him with no explanation. This is how the story begins. So right off the bat, I hate this Jenna chick. Connor is depicted as a very caring, all around nice guy, so why would she leave him? This baffles me...until we meet Jenna. As Jenna's story unfolds, understanding dawns, but any sympathy for her fails me. Jenna works as an EMT for a Dallas Fire Station, and her fellow co-worker Derrick has it bad for her. Derrick has no idea about her past, other than she is a half-ling, which is half-human, half-dragon. Just as Jenna is opening up to the idea of dating him, Connor is sent to Dallas and runs into her. This love triangle is put to a quick halt as the arsonist targets too close to home for the dragons, and stopping him is of utmost importance! My heart is sent racing as the action intensifies! Will they find the killer before it's too late?!

This novella opens a new world from Author ValerieTwombly that definitely peaks my interest. I love the fact that in this world, humans are aware of the shifters, so they are not hiding in a secret society. They can also mate with humans, and they have magic! There were some familiar aspects to the story that I have encountered when it comes to this genre, where no detailed explanations were necessary, and gave me a sense of comfort. I do enjoy the kind hearted alpha males like Twombly has depicted Connor to be as opposed to the I am man, obey me now woman, alpha males. Therefore, this gave Connor very likeable and lick-able attributes. Since this was a short story and intro into this world, I do look forward to reading a full novel with a more detailed, and layered story line in the near future.

Dallas Fire & Rescue: His Burning Desire (Kindle Worlds Novella) (Sparks Of Desire Book 1)

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