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Justine Jones lived her life as a fearful hypochondriac until she was lured into the web of a mysterious mastermind named Packard, who gifts her with extraordinary mental powers—dooming her to fight Midcity’s shadowy war on paranormal crime in order to find the peace she so desperately craves.

But now serial killers with unheard-of skills are terrorizing the most powerful beings in Midcity, including mastermind Packard and his oldest friend and worst enemy, Midcity’s new mayor, who has the ability to bend matter itself to his will. 

As the body count grows, Justine faces a crisis of conscience as she tests the limits of her new powers and faces an impossible choice between two flawed but brilliant men—one on a journey of redemption, the other descending into a pit of moral depravity.

Justine Jones, a disillusionist for the two most manipulative high caps in Midcity, is at it again! When I last left Justine, she single handedly freed Packard from his invisible prison and not only met the man behind the curtain, but fell for him...Otto Sanchez, Midcity's Mayor. The struggle is very real for Justine trying to figure out how to be free, having no clue that her very dream is the dream of another within her circle, and he, unlike Justine, will do anything to be free. Will the fight for their freedom unify their bond, or destroy any future for the entire group of disillusionists?

I had a couple of things run through my mind while listening to this book. First thing was I forgot how entertaining this world was, and it's characters. The story is so uniquely odd that it's comical. How could it not be? I mean the main character Justine is a hypochondriac that believes she has vein star disease, and she also has this weird ability to be able to transfer her crippling fear into others just by touching them. Two, the love/hate relationship she has with Packard is true for me as well. In the beginning he had me going along with Justine about how he wanted to help her. Then there was the kiss, and then the betrayal. But the betrayal didn't dissolve that tiny spark in her heart (nor mine) for him. As much as you want to hate Packard for how he lies and manipulates her, you just can't cause then he will do some redeeming shit and you're sucked in all over again. It's quiet maddening. Thirdly is Otto. We get to know his relationship with Justine and his past relationship with Packard. I'm not sold on this Otto guy being the one for her. He's not quite right and I couldn't put my finger on it until the end of the book. Like Justine, Otto too is a hypochondriac and they feed off each other, it's gross. Whenever she is with him I feel dirty afterwards, like personally...yuck. The only justice this sleaze can receive is getting zinged by Justine, now that would be awesome!

The story was pretty genius. I didn't know if I was coming or going and with whom! Just when I thought I knew what was going on, the story took a twist and laughed in my face. I was definitely kept guessing, which in turn had me glued to the story at hand. As much as the ending made me sick to my stomach, only cause that's how good it was, I can't wait to start the book 3 Head Rush to find out what happens next! If you are looking for something new that will keep you engaged, then grab the first book Mind Games and you will love me long time!

Narrator Review

Rebecca Wisocky returns to narrate Double Cross. Rebecca plays up the hypochondriac needy personality of Justine very well. I love her interpretations of the modes of each character, and how that translates into speech. Some scenes are funny on their own but when you hear Rebecca read them, they are out right hilarious! I love Rebecca, she gets 5 Fangs from me, and I love The Disillustionist series! 

Double Cross (The Disillusionists Trilogy, #2)

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