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Amazing Grace

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Amazing Grace (Resurrection #2) By Elizabeth Davies

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Amazing Grace (Resurrection)

  This is the second novel in the Resurrection trilogy. As Grace's health deteriorates in her own world and she moves ever closer to her death, she returns to the past where Roman is waiting for her and she falls deeper in love with a man whose sole purpose in life is his quest for blood.

  Wow! This book has betrayal in it, I love it! The villain in this book is Jerimaha.  Hate him...
Another character was also introduced into the fold, a beautiful female vampire that Grace is immediately jealous and fearful of.  Roman tries to reassure Grace that he will not let her harm Grace, but to no success.

  Also, Grace's brother seems to be getting more involved in the story, and not just wallpaper.
I'm reluctant to say too much in fear of spoiling things for you, so all I will say is that Grace ends up confiding in her brother what has been happening to her and whether he believes her or not is for you to find out by reading the book.

  As Grace continues to go back in time though, she seems to be going forward, so now we are in the 1700's, when she began I believe it was 1300's.  It will be interesting to see if her hallucinations catch up with her present time eventually.

Starting the next book right away to find out what the future holds, can't wait to see how it all ends.  

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