Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Rimshot, we're not in Colorado anymore!

Here lies the proverbial black sheep, transplanted from the West Coast to this itty bitty town in North Carolina.  I will be sharing my love for the books that most people won't admit to reading!

I will also be keeping you up to date on book signings, events, giveaways, and interviews with the authors I love, you love too, or you will come to love, that will be in my surrounding area. 

My blog is geared towards introducing you to books that you may not have come upon yourself, that I have read and reviewed, which includes my unique rating system.  I encourage discussions about these books on my blog, and also wanting to promote growth within this "community" which shares the same love for paranormal romance, sci-fi, urban fantasy, thrillers, and mystery/detective novels.  Warning, there maybe some Erotica in there every now and then as well.

So "follow me" now, share with your friends, family, and co-workers, as we all discover new great reads and friends, together.

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