Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Prequel to Convention


This is the story that led up to the dinner with Connie Suttle:

  One day I'm browsing my kindle for books and I come across Blood Wager (Blood Destiny #1) by Connie Suttle for FREE. I purchased it, then proceeded to see that it is also available on whispersync, so I purchased the audiobook for $1.99. What a deal I thought, and it sounds like a good book to boot. After listening to the audiobook, I was hooked. Here is the review I left on Goodreads:

's review
Jun 19, 14  ·  edit

Read in June, 2014

  What did I think? I thought this book was riveting! This was my first chance at reading a book by this author, or I should say listened to the audiobook. First thing, the narrator, Traci Odom was fantastic! She went from Lissa to Texan dude accent to English vampire dude seamlessly. It was amazing, she didn't skip a beat with changing voices and accents in a single conversation throughout the whole book. I really enjoyed her performance.

  Secondly, the story line was phenomenal. When I started the book, it seemed like maybe it was just going to be local, where the main character Lissa was turned, and maybe just her figuring out how to be a vampire, but it was much more than that. Connie made Lissa's character have simple common sense and deduction, which made her turning quite easy without all the drama and crying and carrying on that I have experienced in other books. It took me a bit to get used to, but I did pretty early on in the book. I really enjoyed the characters, and how Connie drew out the revealing of their true natures to both me the reader and to Lissa. I didn't figure things out before hand so therefore I was just as surprised as Lissa it seemed.

   The potential love interests for Lissa were quite a hoot and I was glad to see that there were more than one, which made for some interesting comments and pissing contests on the jealous suitors part.  Then just when you think everything is cool and Lissa is going to be off the hook and free to live her life as she see's fit, BAM! The story gets even more interesting as she is carted off by a secret hit man to another country to meet her fate by the vampire counsel that she never even knew existed. It was exciting and scary and very cool, all at the same time. To make things even more interesting, Lissa apparently has very rare and cool gifts that make her even more special than the fact that she is 1 in 16 female vampires in the whole world.
  I can't wait to start the next book, which the audiobook will come out next month and I am all over it!
  After that review, I went to audible to get the next book, it wasn't there.  I go into the Kindle store and it's there but not available on audible yet.  Well, how could this be?  I don't want to have to READ the book, I'm an audible girl all the way!  So after searching for Connie on Google, I arrive at  I click on tabs and look around until I come across the page that displays all the books from the Blood Destiny series and underneath Blood Passage reads, audiobook coming in July.  So I wait, and wait and wait..........three weeks later, it's now mid July and no audiobook.  So I return to Connie's page and click on contact us.  I send a brief email about how I enjoyed the first book and I'm anxiously waiting for the second one on audible, could you please, please, please tell me when it will be on audible.  The next day I get an email back from Connie herself telling me they just finished recording it and are in the process of editing and it will be out ~ 10-12 days.  While I was looking around on her site, I notice a convention coming up in Charlotte, which is only an hour and a half from where I live, that she will be attending.  So I email Connie back thanking her for the update and throw out their, "See you in Charlotte".  The next day I get another email from Connie asking me what day of the convention will I be attending, because she would like to bring me a goody bag.  OMG was my reaction!  Before I could get back to her, I get an email from her assistant Joe asking me for my address so he could mail the goody bag to me and again, what day will I be there because Connie would like to have dinner with you..........WHAT!  Are you kidding me!  Connie Suttle wants to have dinner with me!?  So after hashing out the where's and when's, alas I meet Connie at Portofinos in Charlotte for dinner.
Their lays my story on how I came to have dinner with Connie Suttle.  I am still bathing in the afterglow of the whole ordeal.

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