Saturday, August 16, 2014

Jeaniene Frost is coming to Asheville, NC!

Hello my fellow book lovers! I have great news!  +Jeaniene Frost will be coming to Asheville, NC on Saturday, August 30th to the Malaprop's Bookstore Cafe at 3:00 pm for a reading and signing of her new book, The Beautiful Ashes

I am so freaking excited to meet her because I absolutely LOVE her Night Huntress series, and Night Huntress World Novels. They include Vlad and Leila in the Night Prince series.  I read all of them, in order, one after another until I was done, that is how much I loved them.

So pack your bags and join me on the road trip of a lifetime.  I will sure be there with bells on and I hope to see you there, (at least one of you).  If need be, to sweeten the pot, if ANYONE finds me there who's read my blog introduces themselves to me, I will mention you, along with your photo on my blog!  How 'bout that?  Deal or no deal?  Please, anyone...(anyone related to me included).

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