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Symphony of Light and Winter

Review on Symphony of Light and Winter, (Symphony of Light #1) by +Renea Mason
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Blurb:  One woman. Seven men. All bound by one man’s undying devotion.

Fundraiser Linden Hill has a knack for reading people. She always knows which conversations will put a prospect at ease, which drink will loosen a patron’s lips—or his wallet, and how cleavage will make a donor sweeten the deal. She’s even foreseen her dateless weekends four hundred and sixty-four times in a row.

But ten years after watching life drain from her former mentor’s and first love’s eyes, her skills for divining the predictable are lost. When Cyril returns, he’s still gorgeous, but this time he’s beyond human, far less dead, and pissed. His lack of memory drives him to desperate acts, and his turbulent re-acquaintance with Linden pulls her into his war with a creature hell-bent on his destruction. His group of six supernatural men share a tantalizing secret, but despite the hunger, it’s love that leads her to sacrifice everything to save him…

The first book of the Symphony of Light series blew me away!  The book hit the ground running and never stopped.  This paranormal romance was so steamy hot with all those big bulging men, and heart warming with the love and friendships developed, and action packed with the cat and mouse game played with everyone's lives, it took me deep into the book's world with each page.  It's fracking awesome how one book can have you crying, laughing your ass off and lustful!  I'm an emotional wreck now, and need a time out!  

The book starts out hot and heavy with Linden at a fundraiser event.  I mean, whoa!  After the event, she goes to the ladies room for Pete's sake and is confronted by the man she thought had died in her arms 10 years earlier.  It didn't go as I thought it would, instead the genius who wrote the book has them dry humping each other, panting, and getting ready to do the nasty when a co-worker walks in, interrupting them.  You think she would turn around and leave when she saw the compromising position they were in, but NOOOOO!   To add insult to injury, she is known as the office gossip!  What fracking luck, right?!  Then the skank posts it on FB!  So now all her co-workers were gossiping about her at work!  I wanted to smack that bitch down, I so did.   

From here, the book moves quite quickly to Linden knee deep in Cyril's shit with his enemy Myghal.  In order to keep Linden safe, she must stay with Cyril and his merry men at their house.  At first it wasn't so much a voluntary move on Linden's part.  She fought and tried to escape back to her apartment, to no avail.  During one of Linden's attempts to escape Cyril's is where one of those laughing my ass off moments happens.  She manages to get past a locked door into the hallway.  She creeps slowly to the stairs when she hears voices.  She stops to eavesdrop on what Cyril and these other men are saying.  She grabs the hand rail and tries to crouch down, when she loses her grip and falls head first down the stairs!  HAHAHAHA!  That's what you get!

While everyone is trying to figure out how to get rid of Myghal and his minions, Cyril and Linden are constantly fighting their sexual urges.  The intense moments between them would have broke me in a heartbeat!  I don't know how they resisted for so long.  Cyril is not sure Linden is telling him everything from the past because he does not remember what lead up to his death.  He keeps pushing her and the more he does, the more tight lipped she becomes.  Overton, one of Cyril's creations, opens up to her more than Cyril and tells her bits and pieces.  She's not sure she can really believe it all herself.  

The book has so many complicated layers to it, which makes it all the more fascinating.  Myghal is really Michael, the man that Linden married, but who had died on their wedding night.  Linden has a very hard time believing that he would harm her, and that's why Cyril keeping her at his home is not necessary, but only because she is not truly believing all that they are telling her.  

As we are introduced to the other men that are part of Cyril and live with him, things become very uncomfortable for everyone.  Overton, Rhys, Thorensen, aka Thor, Sinclair and Dominic, all are drawn to, and lust after, Linden.  A little piece of information Cyril did not tell Linden, that would have been fracking nice!  AGAIN, not a problem situation for me to be in, AT ALL ; )  

As all the pieces begin to come together, Linden FINALLY understands, and accepts her true feelings for Cyril and puts a plan in motion.  Their is A LOT more to this book that I haven't touched on, so please don't think this is all it!  Remember I said, LAYERS people, LAYERS, and it's all wonderful layers too!  If their were more fangs to give than 5 I would, this book is AWESOME!  To say the least.  

Symphony of Light and Winter (Symphony of Light #1)

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