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Thunder Storm Blog Tour

BIO:  Mimi is a fifth-generation Floridian who grew up all over the country but considers St. Petersburg, Florida, her hometown. Having lived in Colorado for more than four decades, her greatest achievement in life is her five daughters, who have now given her five grandchildren to spoil. Blessed with being married to her best friend, she loves to write about chance encounters that change lives for the better. In addition to being an incurable romantic, Mimi is an award-winning Realtor, as well as a blogger and photographer.

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Book review on Thunder Storm (Thunder Series #3), by Mimi Foster

ARC provided by author for an honest review, A Contemporary Romance Novel

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Suddenly finding herself the sole caregiver for her aging grandmother, advertising executive, Jeni Jenkins, accepts her best friend's offer to leave Nana in a beautiful Colorado Victorian cottage surrounded by friends and a competent nursing staff. Jeni expects to take care of her thriving New York business and be able to visit frequently.

Setting off sparks every time he and Jeni get near each other, sumptuous local contractor, Miles Jeffries, makes it clear that short-term, long-distance relationships will never be part of his life. As much as she captivates him, he categorically refuses to pursue any suggested entanglements with this zany woman who has no intention of sticking around. But what’s really preventing him from becoming emotionally involved with this unexpectedly enchanting temptress?

With a genuine fondness for Nana, Miles keeps Jeni up-to-date on the sometimes funny, sometimes poignant situations happening in the Colorado high country. Jeni’s worked hard for the remarkable success she now enjoys, but there’s an emptiness in her life with everyone she loves so far away.

A quick-reading, contemporary romantic escape, readers will enjoy the banter and undeniable sexual attraction between Jeni and Miles.

Thunder Storm is about a woman, Jeni, who has to come to terms with what life has suddenly thrown at her.  With the death of her mother and decline in her grandmother's health, Jeni has to face reality on what her life has become, and what she wants it to be.
I felt this book to my core.  It was so down to earth, and yet surreal.  The situation that Jeni was put in could happen to any of us!  I'm not sure about the super hot guy part being something that could happen to any of us, LOL, but it's nice to dream.  I'm just saying, the reality of this book really hit home with me, and has me super jealous of the "community" that took Jeni and her grandmother in.

Jeni is in advertising and is a career driven woman.  She starts her own business in NY, and it's taking off like a deadbeat dad.  Jeni's mother is single and taking care of Jeni's grandmother due to dementia.  After missing a dinner date she had with her mother, Jeni stops by the house for a quick visit, feeling guilty, and finds her mother dead in her bed with her grandmother holding her.  This is where Jeni's life is turned totally upside down.

Grandma, Elizabeth, also called "Nana", needs too much care for Jeni to handle with her "career" and all. Jeni searches for the perfect nursing home for Nana.  Well, we ALL know how that turned out, right?  So after talking to her best friend Jordan, who lives in a small town in Colorado in her B & B, Jordan suggests that Nana live there with her and her husband Brandan.  They have a huge main house and a small cottage off to the back of it that they have renovated and it would be perfect for Nana.  After the huge disappointment and concern from what happened to Nana in the nursing home, Jeni finally agrees to move Nana to Colorado.  This is where it gets gooooood...

There is so much to tell, I feel like I'm writing a darn book!  Whew!!  Remember the community I mentioned earlier?  Well, part of that community are Jack and Callie, a sweet young couple with an adorable baby named Charlotte Rose, James Gabriel, a young boy who everybody loves, and Miles, the tall, dark, and yummy man-candy that works with Jordan's husband Brandan.  They have all agreed to help with Nana's care as much as possible. Their kindness brings Jeni to her knees.

Jeni has always had crappy luck with men. When she met Miles, the physical attraction was electric, but after getting to know him a little, she realized was a good guy also, and wondered how come she couldn't have one like him in NY. 

Jeni's adventure with love, life, and death all come to unfold from here.  She hasn't yet dealt with the grief from losing her mother so suddenly, having to cope with the guilt of moving Nana so far away from her to have strangers care for her, and to come to grips with her true feelings for Miles and her career.  Let me tell you, Miles does not make it easy for her either, with his SEXY, charming, kind, and thoughtful self!  All the poor woman thinks whenever he is around is stripping him naked and riding him like there's no tomorrow!  BUT, there is a private side to Miles that Jeni later finds out that could make or break their future.  OOOH, AHHHH...

The relationships that grow while Jeni is getting her Nana situated in Colorado are so heart warming.  The small town coming together to help, along with the steamy sex, and dealing with her grief, it had me wanting more from each chapter.  I could not put this book down, willingly.  There is so much more to the story than what I have described, but you NEED to read it for yourself!  Nana takes all of them on a ride, it's great!  You will love this book!


Up Close and Personal SBB Interview with Mimi Foster:
In five words please describe your writing style:  

Easy reading steamy romantic escape

Top three favorite titles (books or movies):  
Lyon's Lady ~ Julie Garwood
Tell Me No Lies ~ Elizabeth Lowell
Mamma Mia!

Do your leading characters come from any place in particular?  

As far as location, in this series the men are all in the same business (home building) in the Denver/Boulder area; the women are all professionals from Denver and New York. As far as where do the ideas of the characters come from, it all started in my mind with the ending of book one (Thunder Snow) and the rest of the characters in the Thunder on the Mountain Series developed from there.

What do you do in your down time? 
Ah, yes, the elusive notion of down time . . . I am an active real estate agent with a large blog following, mother of five adult daughters and grandmother to five grandkids, help my husband with some remodeling, love photography and spend time shooting pics of the mountains, natural wonders, and events in my area, I do a lot of creative design online, and I love helping people. Sometimes I get to sleep.

Top five snacks while writing:   

cheese sticks

What's your writing process?
Early, early morning writing, late afternoon writing ~ I get totally engrossed when I escape into my settings, and I turn off the phone and any distractions while I hunker down in a big, comfy chair. For my books, I start with a rough outline, always knowing the ending early, write a quick first draft, add more description in a second draft, and then edit and perfect scenes after the basic story is written.

Talk to us about your book, what is your favorite part or character?   

There are a lot of parts that I love about this book. I loved both Miles (super hunky, compassionate alpha contractor) and Jeni (talented, zany, endearingly aggressive ad exec). I loved the grandmother (Nana) and the funny, poignant scenes with her. When I think about my favorite parts of the book ~ the ladder scene, the fireplace scene, when she meets Miles' sister, two beautiful picnics (one with Nana, one with Miles), and the scene at the restaurant was a lot of fun. Several more come to mind, so I think I really enjoyed the book.

What is the craziest thing you have ever done?   
Mile High Club

Is your next book going to be part of the series?

It is actually going to be about the ancestors who built the house where Thunder Struck (book two) and Thunder Storm (book three) take place. In both books, secret places and journals were discovered, telling some interesting tales. I became so enamored with daughter of the original owners (Willow) that I decided to write her story. There were some fascinating things going on in Nederland and Denver at the turn of the century, and they will impact the direction of her life. WILLOW'S SECRET is set in the early 1900s, and will be my first historical (but still steamy) romance.

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  1. Love this review! I love Jeni's zaniness, but I really love how fun and compassionate Miles is. Thanks so much!