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**ARC, (Advanced Readers Copy) provided by the author for an honest review**

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With his clan trapped and starving, vampire Andrei Vladimir will stop at nothing to save them. But an ancient curse compels him to waste precious time hunting the vile creatures he creates every time he feeds. With the clock ticking, he weaves a trap to lure the fated female who can save them all.

Sonia Covaci has been experiencing erotic dreams with her mystery dream lover for quite some time, who her old world gypsy grandmother Adela has been telling her is her destined soul mate. When Sonia meets Korinna the shop owner of Bedazzled Jewels, she is quickly swept up in a fantasy world beyond her wildest dreams. Will Sonia ever see the truth in the stories betold her before it's too late for her soul mate?

This story is told through the point of view of three very different people, but which fate ingeniously brought together for the most heart stopping romance today. The story begins with Korinna, a beautiful witch with an evil step-mother, (can totally relate) that places a curse upon her out of jealousy as well as a dash of spite. This is the backdrop of the story for Andrei Vladimir and the horrible fate he is facing. So the story goes that for Andrei's people, (vampires) they dream of their fated mates, and the closer their mate is to them, the clearer the dream of them is and that is when they go out to sweep her off her feet, but when Andrei falls prey to a manipulating witch he is cursed for forsaking the witch, and never allowed to return to his own realm with his people. Here is where Sonia comes in, a gypsy, and her family is from Romania which is where Andrei lives. She has been having some really steamy dreams of a man she has never met before. She's reluctant to believe the stories her grandmother has been telling her about since she was a child. Can something that sounds like a Disney flick be true? The story is just that, very Disney like quality to the fairytale of two fated lovers. The mystery behind the magic is alluring, and what pulls you into their lives. Although we don't have much time to go into detail with this novella, it is the way the story is told that holds you in place.

The characters of the story were easily empathized with by the personal connection I felt to both Sonia and her best friend Emma. Andrei stole my heart with his fierce compassion for human life, and especially the wrongful treatment of women. He is a man of stature, who has morals, love, and sympathy for all, and never once wanted for himself, but only wanted the best for his people. Who ever thought that a cursed witch, a cursed vampire, and a love sick gypsy would be so loyally devoted to one another only after a short period of time, but it worked. The story was believable, the characters were genuine. If I ever marry a billionaire, or uncover a family secret revealing I am a gypsy, I will not hesitate for one second that I am destined for a happily ever after... You rock Valerie Twombly!

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  1. Ooh! I totally want to read it!

    1. I think you will appreciate the personal touches to the characters Tiffany.