Monday, March 27, 2017


Patrol Log:  7303272017

Paranormal Romance fans know that having a destined or chosen mate for the main character is part of the norm, especially, but not exclusively when it comes to shifters. The concept behind the trope is a major part of the genre's foundation. The “insta-love” some like to call it may or may not appear in all books, some do have a slow burning love, but mating is none the less inevitable.  For the true paranormal romance fans, that is what you love about the genre, right?  Or not?  In the rest of this article I will be discussing whether or not a fan can love the genre without liking the “insta-love” factor of the genre.

As a die hard paranormal romance fan, the one aspect of the genre that I absolutely LOVE is that being destined for that one person as your soulmate, fated mated, whatever you want to call it THAT idealistic fantasy part of the genre is what I love.  Call me a hopeless romantic, call me what you like but that is the most magical, and powerful kind of destiny that we all search for in our real lives, we just don't believe in it as much as our fictional selves do. The entire novel is based on that fact.  The story is built around fate putting these two individuals together to fulfill their destiny. Then after that comes the trials and tribulations they must conquer, and with that is where the individuality comes from the author separating their story from any others.

SO, can you love PNR without loving the mating?  Sure, that is what other genres such as Dark Paranormal and Urban Fantasy are. There are genres of books in the paranormal realm that do not submit to the romance of it all.  One could argue if you don't like the “insta-love” thing, then move along to this other genre and stop bitching about the romance part of a romance novel.  But I love the storyline, can't the author just take the soulmates part out...NO she can't douche!  Well do they all have to be instant love and attraction meetings then?  YES they do. The unseen force that pulls two people together that were meant to be together is what causes that reaction for the individuals.  That is how they know, how they feel the part of them that they have been looking for.  If you take those parts out of the story then you just have a regular ol' romance, and with this being paranormal and all, nothing about the story can be ordinary.  Does there have to be so many sex scenes in the book, I mean really!  Uh ya there does!  The coupling of the soulmates in the storyline must be believable.  The reader needs to feel the passion between these two or the connection is never formed. When you meet a man/woman that makes you feel like baring your soul, and you are sexually charged for, the one primal drive you have is to be with each other.  So ya, fucking like rabbits is a must in a PNR.  The insta-love seems so unrealistic to me and therefore ruined the story.  It’s OK sweetie, you're in the wrong isle you need the isle marked “Go Fuck Yourself”.   See it?  It's right there, OK bye bye.

My conclusion on the matter is this, if you find yourself scowling over the “insta-love” in the story or the numerous sex scenes then you bought the wrong book.  It is not the author's fault, nor was the book badly written, and therefore does not need your negative review.  What the book, the author and the PNR community needs is for you to own your mistake and walk away.  We don't need to hear your Facebook rants, or belittling on forums, or shitty review on Amazon.  It is not anyone's fault but your own that you are an ignorant fuck that needs to learn what the fuck PNR is before you stroll down that isle in the bookstore.  How rude, I've never heard of PNR before!  Well guess what douche, there is this thing called “the internet”, and “Google”, look it the fuck up!


  1. I like the bit about nothing in the story can be ordinary. It's true. These are all extraordinary. Plus...who wants to read about normal life? I sure as hell don't. I read books to get away from reality lol.

  2. You are totally grasping what I'm throwing down Tiffany, I love you! Thanks for stopping by :)