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Chasing Magic

Book review on Chasing Magic by +Gena D. Lutz
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A Paranormal Fantasy Novel

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Blurb:   Anika Webb is an extremely talented witch with certain goals in mind; pass the final hex-trial at Mystic Manor, and spend the rest of her free time tussling beneath the sheets with her hunky-warlock lover, Drake.

But with all good intentions, evil will fatefully intercede.

After a jealous foe unleashes a hailstorm of mischief onto an unsuspecting small-town, Anika finds herself battling a volatile spell; where all bets are off, and magic will fly.

Review:  This is a cute, quick read about a witch in training named Anika.  She lives in Mystic Manor with the High Priestess Skye, along with her fellow sister-witches.  As Anika prepares for her final trial to become a full fledged witch, she is visited by her ex-best friend, and sister-witch Tamra.  Tamra is extremely jealous of Anika for various reason, which is what drove them apart.  Tamra quickly and without remorse sabotages Anika's spell, and allows it to break free from the salt circle that has kept it safely confined, to reek havoc on the town of Rock-Cliff, Massachusetts.

The supporting characters in this entertaining story are Faing, Anika's pet dragon, whom by the way can shape shift to any size he pleases, and Drake, a warlock whom is a warrior for the good fight with The Warden Brotherhood, who also is Anika's hottie boyfriend, and the High Priestess' son.  With her warrior and dragon by her side, Anika tracks the trouble-making magic in hopes to neutralize it before it reaches the population and hurt someone.

I really enjoyed reading how the trio, (Anika, Faing, and Drake), interacted with one another as they followed the yellow brick road to trouble.  The three were so funny, loving, and strong together, that I felt an immediate bond with them.  At each encounter with the magic, it also seems they make new friends, and a potential enemy, that end up helping them get closer to their task.  These new characters give the story so much more depth, and I'm happy to report that yes, the magic doesn't just create mayhem, it creates a new friend for Faing, and Anika.

As we wind down to the end of the story, and we find out how this all plays out when the High Priestess finds out what has happen, we are left with some unresolved issues.  So, I certainly hope their is another book in the works for this series, because YES, it is series worthy, plus I need to find out what happens with Ginger, and Cerin damn it!  I highly recommend this book, and I will keep you informed as I am about a new release! 

Chasing Magic: (Paranormal Romance/Fantasy Novella)

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  1. Great Review Kim :)

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  3. Terrific review Kim and I so agree, there has to be more books! I loved this one too!

  4. Great review!! Awesome book loved it!

  5. Thanks!! It makes me in a hurry to read this book!! Just can't wait!!