Wednesday, December 24, 2014

12 Days of Kim~ Day 4!!

Day 4!!!!!

Today's featured Author is none other than the fabulous Valerie Twombly!!!
Valerie will be gifting one lucky winner with  her E-book Eternal Flame, (Guardians Book 1)!!
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Today's featured OMG moment from 2014 has to be this book, I mean Valerie is my featured Author today, and this book was fangtastic!!

This story was about Makayla, a divorced author down and out with life, writing, and love.  When her best friend Nikki talks her into taking a much needed vacation, IN SPAIN, Makayla has no idea how much this trip will change her life!

When Makayla gets to Spain, and is settled in her friend Nikki's friends place, Armand comes to pay her a visit to welcome her to the small quaint town.  Makayla is in for such a ride when she gets involved with Armand, WEE HEE!!

My OMG moment in the book is when Makayla is speaking to Armand's father, and he tells her the family history.  The story put so many puzzle pieces together for Makayla that didn't make sense to her before, but still was such a huge shocker!

This story, and Armand was very super hot!!  This would make a great Christmas gift for yourself, and your bestie!!  You will thank me for it later ;)  If you haven't read this book yet, please check out my review in the Septembers Blog Archive.  To enter for today's prize, please follow my Facebook link and enter your favorite book moments on Day 4's post.  Good Luck!!

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  1. Thanks for featuring me today and I'm so glad you loved Spanish Nights.

  2. I love Val's books, especially her very sexy men.

  3. Val is a totally amazing paranormal romance author!! Love her hot sexy hunks and the wonderful tales she weaves about them!!