Saturday, December 20, 2014

Celebrate The 12 Days of Kim!!

Join me in celebrating the most memorable scenes from your favorite books of 2014!  
I will kick the event off with sharing my favorite moments!
At the end of the 12 days I will be giving away E-books!  Make sure to follow
 me throughout the 12 days because I will be choosing multiple winners.  
The first E-book up for grabs is a paranormal fantasy, The Tower's Alchemist, (The Gray Tower Trilogy Book 1) by +Alesha Escobar

Day One:  My first book of choice from this year is Blood Sense, (Blood Destiny # 3) by +Connie Suttle 

If you have never read this book yet, let me break it down for you....Lissa is a newly made vampire, which is rare because she is female.  In this world, female vampires are a one in a million sort of deal, so she is very special, and has multiple abilities that the other vamps don't have.  Lissa met Tony in the first book of this series Blood Wager, just in casual talking, and he had asked her out on a date, but things never went anywhere with them because of special circumstances with Lissa.  So moving along... the vampire council pimp Lissa out to the US Government, which has a "Paranormal Division", to help with a hostage situation.  Lissa boards a Navy ship with Tony, the head of the paranormal division,  and gets the low down of what's happening.  In order for Lissa to "rescue" the hostage she must use a lot of her special power in order to do so.  When she arrives back onto the ship, she is pretty wiped out!  Tony offers to "pump her up", by offering his blood to her.  Lissa is very reluctant to do so because whenever she feeds from a human they sort of have an orgasm, (tee hee).  Lissa, knowing how Tony still feels about her is having a hard time telling Tony the side affects feeding from him will have.  So after spilling it out, haha, I made a funny!  Tony decides the best course of action is to drop his drawers, OMG, and tells Lissa to let er rip!  I was laughing my ass off during this scene!  This book, and series is phenomenal, and I will recommend it until the day I die!!  I urge you strongly to check out my review on this book, go to my blog archive and click on August, and that is where you will find it!  Then follow the link attached to the book title which will take you to Amazon, so you can buy it now!  Hurry, it's awesome!

Here is how to enter in the giveaway:  

1)  Leave your comments on my Facebook page:   
For Other;  with your most memorable moment.  Please include book title and author's name.  Just one entry a day please, because we have 12 days to cover, which gives you 12 books to enter total.

2)  Like Connie Suttle's Facebook page, (If you haven't already): 

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4)  Share and tag with as many friends as you like!

That's it!  Oh!  and have fun jogging down memory lane ;)
Winner's will be announced on Thursday, January 1st!

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